General Conflict

General Conflict (during sculpting progress)

General Conflict

General Conflict

In Game Screenshot of Vogels!

General Conflict & Vogels!

General Conflict and Vogels! are two games I worked on during my time at the Utrecht School of Arts.

General Conflict:

General Conflict is a multiplayer brawling action game we made from September until December 2010. We got an assignment from Vanguard Games to create a XBLA ready game within their Mistbound IP. We came up with this very addicting concept where you have to blast your opponents away from the collapsing grounds. If you have 4 Xbox controllers for windows ready and 3 other friends around, you should definitely give this game a try.

During this project I was responsible for the complete 3D environment and 2 of the 4 characters.



Vogels! is a rehabilitation game that helps patients with a hemiplegia recover. The game, or rather the red bird in it, is controlled by a gravity-compensating supportive arm of which its position is tracked and ‘copied’ in-game. For each new game, the patient calibrates the game to fit the level of impairment of the patient. In-game, the patient flies, following a path, through various parts of the world and grabbing birds.

Gameplay Video:

Vogels! was created for Focal Meditech( as a proof of concept. My role in the team was to create the inhabitants of the world of Vogels! I also made some props and filled in the world in a way that the player had a relaxing and not disturbing experience.

Vogels! Awards:

-Diamond Trophy Award Best of Show NLGD 2010
-Dutch Game Award “Special Award” 2010

-Dutch Game Awards “Best Serious Game” 2010
-Dutch Game Awards “Best Student Game” 2010
-Wozzy Award Top 3 Nomination

Both Games were created in Unity3D

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